Almaty – Southern capital of Kazakhstan, the largest city of republic and former capital of the country. The history of Almaty leaves in depth of centuries. The city was known for a long time as big shopping center Semirechya where were crossed караванные ways. Recent sensation in archeology – opening of the oldest settlement of the Bronze age in vicinities of city. 150 years have passed(have taken place) since the Fort True, later renamed in Almaty has been based(founded,established).

 Now Almaty are the center of a science and modern culture of Kazakhstan, city of monumental constructions. You can visit  : the Museum of National Musical instruments, the Kazakh State Museum, the Wooden Cathedral and park of a name of 28 guardsmen, high-mountainous skating rink Medeo, ski resort Chimbulak. 

Medeo – the picturesque gorge located in 15 km from Almaty. Except for the wonderful nature here is for what to look – the biggest in the world high-mountainous skating rink. Medeo, and still – the Dam, the masterpiece of engineering art created for protection of city from lodging. The collector of a dam has impressive capacity – 6 000 000 cubic metre of water.

 Чимбулак – in the end of gorge Medeo there is mounting skiing resort Chimbulak located at height of 2200 m above sea level. It is one of the best mounting skiing resorts in the Central Asia.

The big Almaty Lake – is at bottom of mountains Zailijskogo of Ala Tau in the Big Almaty Gorge at height of 2500 m above sea level. The lake with turquoise glacial water has length of 1,25 km.

Canyons Charin – “ the younger brother ” Big American Canyon. Force of winds has given to rocks of a canyon bewitching forms, special interest is represented with excursion on the Valley of Locks.

Altin- Emilskii Nation  Park – a unique historical value represent сакские burial places Besshatir – huge tombs of the period of the Iron Age of 104 m in diameter and more than 17 m in the height, Singing Barchan – 2 huge sandy hills (more than 100), making a sound similar on органную game. Such effect occurs(happens), when sand dry and a wind blows from the West.

Lakes Kolsajskie – three wonderful mountain lakes, the filled pure(clean), glacial water. They are located among abrupt, woody foothills Kungej of Ala Tau.

Reserve Aksu-Dzhabagly – unique reserve in the Central Asia, being under protection of UNESCO. More than 70 years mountain woods here are preserved against cutting down, and the vegetation is not subject to harmful influence of industrial pollution. Fresh greens here everywhere. Tulip Greiga is chosen as a symbol of Reserve. The nature of Canyon Аксу – a huge canyon in the extent of 15 km is unique and depth a Variety and riches of the nature includes of 500 m. about 1200 kinds of plants, 42 kinds of animals, 238 kinds of birds.

Turkestan. This 1500-years city is known for a historical complex of the Mausoleum of Khadzhi Ahmed Yassaui (XIV century). Khodzha Ahmed was one of the most dear educators of Kazakh people. In the age of 63 years it has lodged in the underground chamber in an anniversary of death of prophet Mohammed. The mausoleum has been constructed under Great Timur’s order. The mausoleum is recognized by the second Mecca, three pilgrimage are equal to Khadzhi Ahmed to one to Mecca.

 Chimkent – city in the south of Kazakhstan. Here you can visit The Museum of local history, village to Sauries, ancient mosques and the mausoleums (X century), Mausoleum Арыстан of Women (spiritual teacher Yassaui), ruins Отрара (ancient city on the Great Silk Way).

Taraz of 2000 back this city stood here, on the Silk Way. The most significant monuments of Taraz – a kind of directly city, Mausoleum Karahana and Dautbeka, Mausoleum Aisha-Bibi and Babagji-Hatun (XI-XII вв), being 18 km from modern Taraz.


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