Tamgali TAZ

I want to share with my expirience of being in this increadeble

place Tamgali Taz . I’v been there with my kimep group last

spring. The reason that we went their is our class -Art History

where we were studing different paintings, sculptures nd

architectures. Tamgali Taz is Very old Cave painting. There are

the rocks whith various pictures of animals, people , their

actions, their hunting. People of that time were painting

everything that they saw.  There is a one painting where is a

man with the head of the sun . It is a still kind of secret why

people of that time had drown a man with the sun insted of the

head. Some scientists say that they saw an alions (UFO) . 

There is a huge territory of this rocks , their paintings are really

amazing, and when you are standing infront of the painting you

feel like you are in that period of time, you realize that long

time ago people where standing at the same place where you

do, and where making their pictures, So fantastic.

 My advice to all readers is to go and to see Tamgali Taz, you

will not regret for sure.


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