Borovoye Lake

You want to have a great holiday in summer time , here you can find it ! Borovoye (Burabay) Lake is situated in the territory of the Shuchinsky district of Kokshetau oblast.
The water in the lake is soft, limpid, and one can see the deepest bottom of the lake. Borovoye Lake is separated with the ranges from the closest lakes (Big and Small Chebiache, Shuche, Kotyrkol, Zhukei, etc.). Not so big island “Zhumbaktas” is situated in the north-western part of the lake and at a height of 20 m above water. The cliffs and capes of the north-western and southern coasts (Kyzyltas, Gorky, etc.) create the unique landscape. The coast is overgrown with pine and birch forest.
The combination of mountains, pine forest and the lakes makes a special climate conditions in the natural boundary. The climate kumys medicinal health resort complexes (sanatorium “Borovoye”, “Okzhetpes”; rest house “Blue Gulf”, etc.) are one of the best in the country and built on the eastern coast between Sarybulak and Gromotukha rivers. There are medicinal mud and mineral springs. The beauty of the nature of Borovoye is sung in Seifulin’s poem “Kokshetau” and in Mukanov’s novel “Botagoz”.The legend about Borovoye. There are many legends and stories about Borovoye. “When the God was creating the world one of the nations got the lands rich of forests, another got the fertile fields with a large rivers, and the third got the beautiful mountains and blue lakes. But Kazakh got just feather-grass steppe… It offended him and he asked the God to endow him with a part of natural beauty. The God took the mountains, rocks, beautiful pine and deciduous forests, blue lakes with pure water, emerald fields covered by grasses and flowers from his korzhyn and spread them with a bountiful hand to boundless steppes. It was the appearance of Borovoye of one of the most picturesque places of Kazakhstan, which for its beauty and rarely harmonically combination of mountains, forests, lakes, and unique flora and fauna got the poetic name “The pearl of Kazakhstan”.” 

Be honest i haven’t been there, but heard and read about this lake a lot. This summer my friends and I hopfully will go there.

Come too!!!


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