Boating In KZ

I love rafting. Feeling is absolutely awesome!  I got an expirience with rafting only 2 times and going to take the 3rd one ! Try the 2 place kayak, it is much better than the big one! You can even get out of the kayak and dump into the river , but it’s ok, it’s more than just “ok”, it’s so fantastic!!!! Bealive me! The water is cold but Cool!!!

Try it!!!

Presently boating is one of the most democratic and popular types of active rest all over the world. Everybody can travel on river independently of age, gender, nationality or religion. The only condition is you have to choose the route in accordance with your abilities, experience and level of training.

All rivers are different!

So, we are on the way to travel to a long blue roads of Semirechie. There are more than seven rivers. All of them belong to the basin of lake Balkhash. Some of the most popular among the tourists are:

  • deep Ili with calm, quite flat flow, on which mass tourist rafting is carried out annually;
  • Charyn flowing in a deep, beautiful canyon;
  • Koksu carrying the light-blue pure waters from Jungar Alatau foothills;
  • Karatal flowing through desert and bordered by a green strip of tugay wood;
  • Chilik, rough and capricious, cut through the high mountain ridge of Zaile Alatau;
  • Lepsy, Tentek, Bien, Aksu and many others expecting pioneers.
  • Let us more closely get acquainted with the main water tourist routes. But at first, a few words about equipment, without which you could not do anything on rafting.

    Floating is certainly the main means.
    Modern tourist vessels are divided into some different categories, each of which corresponds to a forthcoming route.

    As the practice of the last decades has shown the most popular and universal are 2-3 seat – folding frame kayaks. They are mobile, steady, per running day even an inexperienced crew is able to overcome 30-40 kms on it. The kayak is able to carry a cargo during a 10-day – independent travel. Now assortment of kayaks is very wide.


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