Kokshetau State National Nature Park

The destination is located on the north of Astana region within mountainous forests of Zerenda, Shalkar, Imantau and Airtau natural zones and lakes of Zerenda, Shalkar, Imantau and Saumalkol. About 60% of the region is covered with forests with steppes among them. Most of the lakes have sweet water, and only Shalkar is famous for salubrious salty water. Shalkar Lake beloved place of Russian citizens who came here for holidays. Forests are rich with berries and mushrooms. The forests and lakes of the region are protected as a part of Kokshetau National Park.  Wildlife is very rich and varied. Forests are inhabited with elk, deer, wild boar, wolves and many other species of animals. Lakes are rich in fish species. Kokshetau State National Nature Park was established in April 1996 by Kazakhstan government decree. Its main area 60 km south-western part of Kokshetau, is more than 135000 hectares and includes mountainous forest massive and lakes of Zerenda, Shalkar and Imantau natural zones. The territory is under a special protection regime which eliminates harm to natural and cultural objects.

Wildlife in Kokshetau is a rare combination of species of different epochs and geographical regions. Ancient lichens and ferns grow underneath trees and bushes.

Typical Siberian taiga animals such as elk, lynx, forest marten, white hare, ermine live close to the inhabitants of southern steppes and semi-desert like korsak fox, gopher, grey hare, and steppe polecat. Varied wildlife has always attracted people to this region.

National Park Entrance fee is 1,3 Euro.


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