Kolsay Lakes.


The lowest height, at of 1,818, stretches for 1 km. It is accessible by road and there are comfortable guesthouses and campsites. The middle Kolsai lake (2,252 m) is the largest and the most beautiful, is 5 km from the first lake.

The highest of the Kolsais is 4 km further and 600 m higher up. After another 6 km you reach the Sary-Bulak Pass (3,278-m) on the Kyrgyzstan border, with superb views over the blue Lake Issyk-Kul. The whole 25-km trial can be covered in a day by horseback or three days on foot.

Two lower lakes are surrounded by fir-trees, alpine meadows and mountain pastures. The upper lake is situated among rocks. The shortest and least difficult path to Issyk-Kul Lake runs through the Kolsay lakes. The Kolsay Lakes are the goal of many visits.

The system of lakes is situated approximately 300 km to the east from Almaty in the Kungei Alatau ridge. The road goes from Almaty up to Chilik, then to Kvgen and proceeds to Saty, a small village (it is possible to reach Saty by bus from Almaly).

The route begins from the lower Kolsay Lake (1100 m), then the path to the middle Kolsay Lake (2250 m), up to the upper Kolsay Lake (2700 m) and further, through the Saryb ulak Crossing (3275 m) to the Sarybulak village valley. The landscape is, mainly, of forests, lake valleys and grassy slopes.

A camp can be set up on the lake, the route through lakes usually lakes three days. Horses can be leased in Saty village from a local forester. Hiking trails are developed there and there are functioning guesthouses.

Dark blue color of water, silence and calmness around are the specific features of Kolsai. The amateur of trekking will admire a fascinating panorama of lakes surrounded by rocks, forests of broad-leaves trees, fir-trees and mountain alpine meadows.

The plenty of trout is found in every lake except the third one – the coldest lake among the others. Kolsai lakes are very deep: the deepest point of the first lake is 80 m, of the second lake is about 50 m.

The guesthouses are located on the shore, they are always ready to accept those, wishing to have a rest at crystal-clear lakes, reflecting unattainable peaks and mountain sides, covered with the endemic Tien-Shan firs.

The Zhibek Zholy Ltd six-room guesthouse is designed for 16 persons; the unusually beautiful landscape can be seen from its windows; and the evenings, spent by a fireplace, will be remembered for a long time.

The track to the Kolsay Lakes is one of the easiest. You can enjoy this rural beauty and natural diversity while traveling to the Issyk-kul Lake from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan.

Available from http://www.kazakhstan.orexca.com/kolsay_lakes_kazakhstan.shtml

 At Kolsay Lakes you can see the beautiful part of nature in Kazakhstan. When last time I was their it was fantastic because feel like part of this nature. It’s great when you can feel this feelings. When you see this nature immediately you feel more comfortable and more easy.You forgot about you’r broblem and you just enjoying it.


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