Lake Balkhash

There is a legend, that at rich Bai Balkasha has a beauty the daughter who name was Ili.Bai has declared а holiday whith call Toy where the winner promised in the wife the daughter. A beauty Ili and poor shepherd Karatal loved each other. Ili has helped Karaltei to win competition of grooms. But Balkhash did not wish to give the daughter to the poor man. Then Karaltai and Ili ran away. The angered father could not catch up with fugitives. And then it transforms them into the rivers, and it self rushes to them on before and turns to lake, absorbing the disobedient daughter. And the lake has color of gray-haired blueness.


Lake Balkhash – the largest reservoir after the Caspian and Aral seas. The length of lake – 614 km, width – from 3,5 up to 44 km, the maximal depth reaches 26 m. the Phenomenon of Balkhash consists in its different mineralization of western and east parts connected by narrow passage. The western pool receiving water from earlier abounding in water river Or – fresh, east – saltish. The nature of Balkhash is surprising and full of contrasts. Reservoirs Ili – Balkhash pool are one of the most significant from the point of view of a biodiversity and reproduction of valuable kinds of fishes, and also by opportunities of a craft of a fish. The structure of faunf  includes a sazan, a white cupid, a thorn, a trout, a catfish and others. In lake annually extract 8-10 thousand tons of a fish. Balkhash marinka(fish) and Balkhash  perch are brought in the International Red Book. Only here were kept died out in Aral a thorn and Aral Usach.


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