trip to Borovoe(personal xp)part I(intro)

Here I want to share with you a story, where me and my friends went to Borovoe. My stoiry begins in the early morning of 1 january 2006, yeah you right it was after new year party. We decided to spend 4 days in Borovoe in cottage. Heh nothing special here yes? Just ordinary trip, but one of my friends took car without parents permission, moreover he forgot to take some papers, so he just have an id and driver license thats all he’ve got. Oh, I forgot to add that on the back seat of the car, were big canister full of petrol, and we used to smoke in that car, yeah nice. After 30 minutes we meet up with other people went to the Ramstor, bought some drinks and food. By the wayit was freezing cold.


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