Katutau and Aktau Mountains

Katutau and Aktau Mountains

The final stage of the trip is the Katutau and Aktau Mountains. Active volcanoes used to create uproars in the Katutau Mountains once upon a time and the remains of lava streams subjected to the sun, frosts, rains and winds appear lo be wonderful images carved on rocks. The Aktau are the splendid cretaceous mountains. It is a breathtaking land winning the hearts of tourists with its grandeur and lifelessness. However, that plants of great vitality on Earth grow and arhars astonish everyone with their beauty.

Many species of herons, wood-cocks, dicks.and other wader live in the water and marghy lands in the Park, The Ili river and the Kapchagay reservoir abound in Ash.

Carp, white amur-fish, bream, sheat-fish, sandre, and other species of fish which are a trophy long wished for amateur angler.

We’d like to inform you that four European standard hotels for 50 persons, a camping for 10 persons and a yurt have been built in the Park all the routes and tourist places are equipped with pavilions, urns, public conveniences built from local materials to be in harmony with nature. Services of guides, car hire, making shubat and kumys are provided on preliminary order as well as riding camels and horses. Hunters have a chance to get a trophy of Siberian mountain goat, wild boar, pheasant, mountain partridge. They are accommodated with hunting-houses with shower-rooms.



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